1. Customized low-speed, high-power, high-torque engine, Euro III emission, strong power, unique "load recognition pressure-power stepped adaptive control" platform technology, easily competent for heavy-duty work.

2. Power optimization control, providing four modes of P, N, T, B to help users match working conditions more accurately, and save fuel efficiently.

3. The bolts are not uniformly distributed, which reduces the risk of slewing support bolt fracture by 12% and increases the durability of mine operations;

4. The chassis drag sprocket is upgraded from a cantilever type to a bilateral support, the carrying capacity is increased by more than 50%, the mushroom head of the chain track section is partially thickened, the cross-sectional area is increased by 6%, and the service life is increased by 15%;

5. The bucket can be customized according to the working conditions. It can be equipped with 1.5m3 and bigger earthmoving bucket, high-efficiency large earthmoving bucket, bucket shape upgrade, reducing digging resistance by 10%, and improving digging efficiency by 15%.